A 14 track album on CD-R (SHR04CD)




- Together
- Never Let You Go
- Here's Where Real Life Begins
- To Make You Want Me
- Until You Came
- In Better Days
- Doubt
- Killing Time
- That Is All
- Maybe This Time
- They Don't Understand
- Crystal Clear
- Over And Out
- I'll Come Running

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Together Together 1.6 Mb
Maybe This Time Maybe This Time 3.2 Mb
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The follow up to ELECTRIC containing acoustic style songs.


ACOUSTIC was released in February 1993. It was the tape which incorporated many of the songs which were started in March 1992. Some of the songs were almost finished and some were in the early planning stages when Electric was released. The songs on the album were mainly acoustic based and employed a wider variety of other sounds such as piano, strings and oboe. One song from the tape, 'They Don't Understand', was chosen for the Wait All Summer CD release on Apricot Records and also appeared on the cassette compilation Because We Care 3.