Airpop - An Apricot Records compilation including Brideshead, Mondfähre, Fragile, Den Baron, The Shining Hour, Aquadays, The Jordans and many more Apricot Records - Home to The Shining Hour, Fragile, Elegant, Den Baron, Rockformation DK, Modesty Blaise, Mondfahre, Aquadays and many other groovy bands
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Twenty two sparkling songs from bands around Europe and the world.

Mind the Gap Mail Order... "eleven brilliant pop-bands from USA, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the UK make this one of the very few compilations that you listen to from start to end without once hitting the skip button - mainly 80’s-based guitar-pop with some excursions to easy, 60’s and gentle noise-pop, featuring Aquadays, Céleste, Den Baron, Shining Hour, Shermans, Jordans, Rockformation Diskokugel... "

apricot records
Walkmühlstrasse 87 - 65195 Wiesbaden - Germany

The Shining Hour Feels Like Forever The Shining Hour Chapter One Ends
Shermans My Favorite Cuppa Shermans Disneyland
Fragile Pass Me By Céleste Let Me Be The One In Your Dreams
Céleste Bedside Manner Mondfähre Body Music
Brideshead Descartes Rockformation Diskokugel Mörder
Mondfähre Capt. Bares Fragile Don't Turn Away
The Jordans Paper Plane Brideshead Arrogance Or Elegance (Demo Version)
Den Baron Being The Last One To Deliver A Song For A Compilation Den Baron Under Your Spell
Charming Ritual Charming Nobody's Perfect
Rockformation Diskokugel Singti The Jordans Sugarlow
Aquadays June Aquadays Senseless
Modesty Blaise Blue And Beautiful (LP issue only) Modesty Blaise Christina Terrace (LP issue only)