The Shining Hour Recording Diary

IMac The format of this diary page has changed to reflect each song's progress (or lack of!) and the dates when something was added to the song rather than just a list of dates. Scroll down for MP3 files where available.
What has been recorded so far...

Songbox in: WHITE = In progress RED = Backing track finished YELLOW = Recording complete GREEN = Mixed BLUE = Song completed

Working Title Date Comments
I've Lost Her 19.01.19 Two electric rhythm guitars & one overdub guitar recorded The start of brand new recordings. This idea is from 2007
In Your Life 24.01.11 Two acoustic guitars recorded An idea from 1997 which for me is really tricky to play accurately but I've finally nailed it!
Safe And Sound
Download MP3 "Safe And Sound" (3Mb)
13.04.03 Mixdown and upload to the website
09.04.03 Main vocal recorded
06.04.03 Drum submix The backing track is now complete. I think it sounds really punchy. Lyrics need to be completed and sung before upload as an MP3 file.
05.04.03 Bass guitar, effect guitars and drum tracks recorded.
01.04.03 Electric 12 string guitar riff recorded. Second electric rhythm guitar re-recorded
31.03.03 Two electric rhythm guitars recorded. A noisy, angry song about the state of the world (man!). An idea from October 2001.
Obsession 02.09.12 Song mixed Unbelievable that its eleven after I started it and six and a half since I completed the track
05.02.06 Main and backing vocals recorded Although this song won't be on the next CD, the backing track has been hanging around completed for a long time.
06.05.02 Bass guitar recorded The backing track is now finished on this noisy song. Rock on!
05.05.02 Lead guitar and effect guitars recorded
21.04.02 Electric rhythm guitars recorded
08.08.01 Drums recorded I've actually recorded this song's backing track already in my experiments with the Roland recorder and the computer but decided it needed a fresh makeover. Let's hope I can replicate the tricky bassline!
Download MP3 "Rockpig" (894k)
27.08.01 Download this MP3 file (894k) and laugh along with The Shining Hour's new direction! This started off as a test when I got the new machine. I wanted to try out the distortion effects and made up this song as I went along. Obviously, first of all I got my hair poodle-permed, put on a pair of spandex trousers and rocked like a Mother with a capital Rrrrrr!!