A 7 track album on CD-R (SHR05CD)




- Miss Me
- All I Have
- No Guarantee
- There Is No One
- With God On Their Side
- Some Day
- Change

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All I Have All I Have 3.6 Mb
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The last CD-R of songs utilising a Tascam four track for recording.


DOWNSIDE was released in October 1994. It contains the last seven songs recorded on a Tascam four track between July 1993 and October 1994. Mark later upgraded to a Tascam eight track. However, the tape shouldn't be seen as a 'clear-out' of songs. Fragile adopted all of the songs in their set with the exception of 'All I Have' and 'No Guarantee'. The latter appeared on the cassette compilation Because We Care 3 whilst 'All I Have' remains one of Mark's personal favourites.