A 13 track album on CD-R (SHR03CD)




- Turn Your Love Away
- Headlines
- Love Strikes Everyone (But Me)
- Falling Down
- Shattered Dreams
- Haunted
- Ever Love You
- Don't Let Love Pass You By
- If I Was Stronger
- Never Gonna Find Anyone
- Tender Touch
- Don't Turn Away
- Don't Mention Her Name

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Ever Love You Ever Love You 1.9 Mb
Don't Mention Her Name Don't Mention Her Name 2.4 Mb
PRICE: £2.50 CD-R
The first Shining Hour CD-R which contained completely new songs.


ELECTRIC was released in October 1992. It was the first tape containing all completely new songs under The Shining Hour name. Recording began in March 1992 on a Tascam 4 track. Around this time there were over 20 songs to be recorded. It became apparent later that there were too many songs being worked on at once and in order to finish the songs, it would be necessary to divide them into two distinct categories. One batch of songs was mainly electric and the other batch was mainly acoustic, with the occasional crossover. 13 songs were finished in October 1992 and were put out under the title of Electric. Five of the songs from the tape became songs that Fragile played; 'Turn Your Love Away', 'Haunted', 'Ever Love You', 'Don't Mention Her Name' and also 'Don't Turn Away' which was recorded by Fragile in the studio and was later contributed to the Airpop compilation released by Apricot Records. The original version of 'Don't Turn Away' appears on the first Because We Care compilation.