A 17 track album on CD-R (SHR06CD)




- New Horizons
- Cruel World
- I Will
- Worlds Apart
- Call On Me
- With Him
- Happy Together
- Disappointment
- Captured
- Because We Care
- The Blue And The Grey
- Set Me Free
- Hermit
- Time Stands Still
- Believe
- How Can You Say That You Care?
- Been In Love Before

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Time Stands Still Time Stands Still 3.6 Mb
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The first batch of songs to be recorded on the new Tascam eight track.


HINDSIGHT was released also October 1994 along with Downside. It contains 21 songs recorded on a Tascam eight track machine between April and October 1994. The eight track allowed a better sound quality and lusher sounds. Fragile adopted 'Worlds Apart' which was eventually re-recorded for their debut 7 inch single, the Worlds Apart E.P., released by Apricot Records. 'Because We Care' and the original version of 'Worlds Apart' appeared on the cassette compilation Because We Care 2 whilst 'Cruel World' appeared on the Because We Care 3. One of Mark's all-time favourites, 'Been In Love Before' was chosen for The Shining Hour debut CD album, Wait All Summer on Apricot Records.