The Shining Hour Links

Fragile OnlineA link to the sister website, Fragile Online. Update yourself with the latest news, download or stream some real audio samples or peruse the gallery.
Apricot RecordsApricot records is an independent label in Wiesbaden, Germany run by Hanns-Christian Mahler, Martin Nelte and Johannes Schneider. Apricot is the home to bands and artists; Brideshead, Mondfähre, Den Baron, Fragile and of course, The Shining Hour! It's an excellent site with loads of information on the bands and the record releases. You can now purchase records directly from the Aprishop.
BridesheadForget all of your pre-conceptions. Germany's premier pop band is Brideshead. Sharp, jangly guitars, power rhythms and sweet vocal crooning combine to create a sound missing in so many English and American bands. Swoon to their songs and fall in love to their melodies. Ace.
Glaring SurgeGlaring Surge are another fine band from Germany and have released songs on various compilations around the world including Fragile's very own "Because We Care" and "Because We Care 2 & 3". Glaring Surge is also the home to the release of the "Breeze" compilations which have included songs from Fragile and The Shining Hour.

The Magic NumbersThe official website of The Magic Numbers.
R.E.M.The official R.E.M. website.
Neil FinnUsually a good source of information on the whereabouts and activities of Neil Finn.

Rickenbacker GuitarsWebsite for Rickenbacker - 'the world's most distinguished guitars' says the company motto. The Shining Hour would gladly endorse them. Please Rickenbacker can I have a 360-12...I really don't mind the colour. Thanks!
Bliss AquamarineBliss Aquamarine is an online indie related fanzine run by Kim Harten. Check it out!