The Shining Hour News - June 2015

June 2015 NEWS

The website hasn't been updated for a long time unfortunately due to a number of difficulties this year. The same goes for any recording too so that elusive new album remains somewhat er... elusive! No guesses as when it will be ready for release but there's always hope for sometime this year. I've loads of ideas to follow it and in my mind they've always been compartmentalised into 'albums" of 12 or more songs. There are probably 6 albums worth of ideas and material to be worked on! However, I've realised recently that I no longer have the time for the recording of maybe 15 songs in one go and it would probably be better to complete EPs of four songs or maybe just one-off songs to upload to Bandcamp and/or YouTube. These can always be compiled to an album later on. It's better to get some new songs out than wait years for an album to be completed. In this day and age, of iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc, do people listen to albums anyway? I still do and I love the concept of the album but on the recording side it seems like a mammoth task. So watch this space (if you can wait a while). The next album will be completed and then who knows...!