The Shining Hour News - July 2018


I'm still in the process of mixing but am seeing an end in sight. I'm in the midst of mixing the final song (with another to tweak a little bit) but I decided to re-record the vocals as the original lead vocal wasn't up to scratch. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the mixing by the end of July. From then I've just got to check each song, sequence them in order and then get the CDs burned and print some artwork. Oh, and update the website with the description of the songs & lyrics! The album will be also uploaded to Bandcamp for immediate download. Not too long to go now...


I took a 2 week holiday at the end of April into mid-May so not a lot of work has been done on the songs in the last month. However, I have now finished 8 songs with another 4 songs to mix. Song 9 is underway now. Still hoping to finish by June if all goes well.


Mixing has continued over the past few weeks and the songs are coming to life. What I've done so far sounds pretty good, some of them sounding a lot better than I imagined. I've mixed 7 songs so far with another 5 to do. I'm aiming for the end of June for everything to be done, including artwork printing, website update etc.


Over the past few weeks I've started to mix some songs for the next CD. It's a slow process trying to get it all right, but so far I have three songs almost done. The three just need a little bit of tweaking here and there. It's always a trying process to get instruments and vocals to sound right on different speakers. Whilst they sound good on studio monitors, a song can sound tinny or too bassy dependent on whether it is playing through ear buds, car speakers, computer or hi-fi speakers and the goal is to get some kind of balance on all of them. I don't think I'm going to get it all done by the end of March but by the end of April would be good.


The website hasn't been updated for a long, long time as there's not been much to report on the recording front due to a lack of time for much of last year and 2016. However, since the latter end of 2017 I have been gradually recording or re-recording vocals and occasionally guitar parts, plus editing tracks to the songs, many of which have have been around for years. I am pleased to say that I am now at a stage where all the songs are "mix ready". This means that I am going to start mixing each song to completion very soon. Once I am satisfied with the mix of the songs, a new CD will be released - the first full album since 2006's "Long Lost"! The title of the new album (and cover art) was decided on a few years ago and will be revealed soon. I hope to have it all completed by the end of March 2018, possibly sooner depending how the mixing goes. The album will also be available for free download from Bandcamp.

I've also made a decision regarding the project after the current album completion. It's likely to be an album containing 10-12 songs. Many of the songs have partial lyrics and some have drums & other parts sequenced. I am determined to complete this album this year. Many of the ideas for the songs are fresh, having only been realised in the last couple of months. Some of the ideas have been around for a few years. I am looking forward to starting the recording process but must finish the current album first! I will now update the website more regularly so check back in a while to see how things are progressing.

I decided to remove the MP3 downloads from the audio page as many of the songs were encoded many years ago at what would nowadays be considered a low bitrate quality. I will instead upload a selection of songs to Bandcamp in due course so that they can be heard or downloaded at a more acceptable quality. This will be part of a gradual revamp of the site as time allows.