An 11 track cassette album (SHR02)


Resolution - Now available as Evolution


- Independence
- Understand
- Good Intentions
- Heart Of Steel
- Come To Me Now
- Captivated
- Don't Pretend You Love Me
- We Don't Talk
- You Never Call
- Weak
- Time To Move On

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Now available as a CD-R Evolution which also contains all of Evidence (SHRCD01/02)


RESOLUTION was released in April 1992. Again, it is a compilation of songs recorded between 1988 and 1991. There were many songs recorded by Mark between 1986 and 1991 which were compiled onto album length cassettes and given to friends and family. There was no band title or name used at the time. Such 'albums' included 'Chapter Two Begins' (1986), 'A Lifetime Away' (1987), 'Poppy Day' (1988), 'Lost For Words' (1990) and 'Independence' (1991). 'Poppy Day' incidentally was a 21 song guitar based album from which most of the Evidence and Resolution songs are collected from. 'More songs from 'Independence' feature on Resolution than on Evidence. Mark decided in 1991 to compile a number of songs resulting in these two compilations and release them under the name of 'The Shining Hour' - a name chosen from a film guide. 'Weak' also appears on the first Because We Care compilation.

Notable unreleased 'Shining Hour' songs from this period include 'I Don't Want To Know' and 'Face It Now' from 'Lost For Words' which were eventually chosen for the Apricot CD Wait All Summer. 'Chapter One Ends' and 'Five O'Clock Rise' were from the 'Chapter Two Begins' tape and were respectively released on Apricot's Airpop compilation CD and The Shining Hour's first single E.P. Five O'Clock Rise. Some good songs from 1986 to 1991 still exist, unreleased under The Shining Hour banner.... so do some horrible efforts too!