The Shining Hour Gig 12.10.02
Supporting C.L.A.R.K. at Schick & Schön, Mainz, Germany

I played a surprise solo gig - my first - on October 12th 2002 in Germany. It was a surprise because even I didn't know I was going to play until a few hours beforehand! I was in Germany spending the weekend with Hanns-Christian and he suggested that I support fellow Apricot band, C.L.A.R.K. who were playing at the Schick & Schön in Mainz. After giving it some thought, I decided to play five songs and had an hour's practice before leaving for the gig! I was quite nervous before the gig started. I went on about 10.40pm, sat on a high bar stool, plugged in the acoustic guitar I borrowed and played the following songs:

1. Ache
2. Blue Water
3. Limits
4. So Soon
5. Still

Three songs from 'Postcards From Home', one from 'Wait All Summer' and a new song (Limits). I made a few mistakes, forgot a few words but generally it went quite well and, for once, I could hear my vocals and I think I sang quite well. C.L.A.R.K. followed and played their brand of Summery guitar-pop. They are a very good band and also a bunch of very nice blokes. I think their live sound is even better than their fantastic album. They use a vibraphone live played expertly by Martin Lutz and what a wonderful sound it is too. Thanks to Axel (vocals/guitar) and Martin (drummer) for encouragement and allowing me to play with them and to Hanns-Christian for perfect mixing on the desk.

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Anxiously practising before the gig! Doing my stuff! The lone balladeer!
Anxiously practising
before the gig!
Doing my thing! The lone balladeer!