A 3 track single on 3 inch CD-R on Cloudberry Records (Cloudberry 026)


Cloudberry Records


- Thinking About Her
- All We Shared
- Before You Know It

Cloudberry Records
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CLOUDBERRY RECORDS are a small label based in Miami, Florida and release 3 inch CD-Rs of jangly guitar music. Usually 2 to 3 singles are released each month. I am pleased to announce Cloudberry 026 is from The Shining Hour which contains 3 tracks from last year's 'Long Lost' album.

THINKING ABOUT HER An idea from my birthday in 2004 with a working title of 'Thinking It Over'. This song features a Hammond organ style sound which appears in a number of songs on LONG LOST. This song also features the E-Bow. I later employed a piano bass riff featured in this song on 'From England With Love'

ALL WE SHARED Another core song. My friend and Fragile band-mate Neale Harmer is guest guitarist on this song. I had the idea for this song back in mid-1999, influenced by one of my favourite ever bands, Daryll-Ann. The idea was for the acoustic guitars to start and the drums and bass to fade in. Eventually, I decided that it would be better if the whole track faded in. Recording commenced in early 2005. I wanted to record some jangly guitars but couldn't think of anything to play so Neale suggested that he might be able to add something. I gave him a CD of the basic track and rough vocals and in March 2005, he recorded two tracks in one take each. His idea was to record one track and then provide an alternative version. I liked both of them so I decided to pan them left and right in the stereo field. The song also features the E-Bow. A good song with nice vocal harmonies.

BEFORE YOU KNOW IT Another 'core' song which was the first to be started in July 2001. I really liked the dual jangling guitars. One part is played an octave above the other to give it a quasi-twelve string electric sound. Again, the title was always there but the lyrics went through several permutations. I really love the bass sound. I can't remember what I did to it but it sounds like a Rickenbacker bass similar to what can be heard on songs by The Jam (one of my all time favourite bands).