A 15 track CD on apricot records (apricd003)


Wait All Summer on Apricot Records


- I Wonder
- Face It Now
- To See Her
- Good Intentions
- All Summer Long
- Never Happy
- So Soon
- Still the Same
- Independence
- They Don't Understand
- A KInd Of Longing
- Been In Love Before
- Walk Away
- Unkind

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Independence Independence 2.0 Mb
A Kind Of Longing A Kind Of Longing 3.1 Mb
15 track debut CD release on apricot records (apricd003)


The album is a compilation of songs recorded over a ten year period. The earliest songs were recorded on a Tascam Porta One four track and from 1994 they were recorded on a Tascam 488 eight track. During this period a variety of keyboards and guitars have been used. All songs written, produced and mixed by Mark Cohen. The mastering to CD was done at Zentralstudio, Mainz, Germany by Tobias Paldruf and Hanns-Christian Mahler. The sleeve concept is by Apricot and Mariko. All songs published by Aprisong. Thanks to Tobias, Mariko, Martin, Johannes and to Neale for 'live' interpretation and encouragement. A massive thank you goes out to Hanns-Christian for making this release possible.


The Shining Hour is more than a project by Mark Cohen, a member of the UK band Fragile. The Shining Hour combine the tradition of c-86 wimp P!O!P! with love for classic songwriting and the fascination for 8-track recording - classic postcard guitar, crooning vocals, ace melodies, brilliants strings and superb arrangements. Songs full of longing, sensitivity and romance; music that first hits your heart and then your soul! Sophisticated, heartbreaking lyrics that fit perfectly with unpretentious melodies. Imagine the beauty and loneliness of The Smiths, the jangling guitar of The Brilliant Corners and words like in songs of Hefner. This album follows the classic 7" E.P. Five O'clock Rise which was released on Apricot Records and was sold out in weeks. Music that first hits your head and then the heart! Sophisticated, heartbreaking vocals combined with wonderful guitar melodies.


Appears on the website "The War Against Silence" - http://www.furia.com/twas/

The liner notes claim that Mark Cohen, whose one-man band the Shining Hour is, wrote and recorded 167 songs between 1986 and 1998, which makes it not too surprising that the fifteen chosen to represent him on this album from the German pop label Apricot spin off in a variety of directions, albeit related ones. On one song he sounds like a young Paul Weller fronting St. Christopher, and the next he could be Mark Hollis making a guest appearance with the Magnetic Fields. One sounds like a Smiths demo, the next like a Byrds/Who pastiche, the next like the Icicle Works with a head cold. A couple could be Orchids or Field Mice songs, a couple sound more like the Pet Shop Boys remixing Nick Drake. Some undulate, some sparkle. Some drift, some skitter. Cross Aztec Camera and the Housemartins, or Tobin Sprout and Orange Juice. If I move on a little too quickly, hardly giving this album a fair chance to enthrall me as thoroughly as it well might, it's just because 152 more songs like these is enough material to make Cohen into a patient, sober, sentimental Robert Pollard, and the prospect pushes me disconcertingly close to panic.

Roundabout Mailorder, USA http://www.geocities.com/roundaboutpop/

Classic Postcardian guitar pop album with synthesized strings and heartbreaking male vocals. Fifteen melodic and jangly delights.

Sky Blue Records, USA http://www.orangezest.com/skyblue

Timeless and wonderful jangle pop from this Brit. band led by the incredible songwriting of Mark Cohen.

Twee Kitten Mail Order, USA http://www.tweekitten.com/

Fantastic full length filled with jangle-romance pop. Mark has a lovely voice. Highly recommended!