Who is The Shining Hour?

Mark Cohen has been recording original songs on his own and as part of Horsham pop duo, The Beat Circus since 1985. Although The Beat Circus split in 1989, Mark continued to record his ideas to a four track Portastudio. During 1991 he decided to pool together some of the many songs he had recorded and put them out under the name, The Shining Hour. This venture was partly inspired by the success of Neale Harmer's own recording project, Fragile.

Mark compiled two tapes for issue, the first of which was 'Evidence'. 'Evidence' sold reasonably well (especially in Europe) but failed to make the necessary number of contacts to ensure worthwhile duplication of the follow-up, 'Resolution'. Apart from issue to a few die-hard fans 'Resolution' and subsequent releases have only had a limited issue.

The Shining Hour now has an ever growing catalogue of releases, the latest being "Long Lost" in November 2006. (See the Releases page for more details). Although 'Evidence' may have given the idea that The Shining Hour was just jangly pop, selected songs from the 'Electric' tape onwards tell a different story. Songs such as 'Maybe This Time', 'Been In Love Before' and 'So Soon' could be categorised as ballads whilst 'Weak', 'Determined' and 'Run Away' should just be played loud!

In October 1998, Apricot Records released the first ever Shining Hour 7 inch vinyl single. The E.P. entitled "Five O'Clock Rise included the songs; "I Won't Be Home", "Five O'Clock Rise", "Determined" and "Something". See the Single page for more details. In February 1999 Apricot Records released a 15 track CD album entitled "Wait All Summer". This is essentially a compilation of songs chosen from recordings made over the past 10 years. Some of the songs have never appeared before on Shining Hour cassette releases. In April 2002, Apricot Records released the second Shining Hour album, the 12 track CD "Postcards From Home".

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Some of the songs recorded by Mark over the years now form part of the Fragile set (in which he plays guitar and sings) - 'Don't Mention Her Name', 'Worlds Apart', 'Haunted', 'Won't Get Caught Again' are just some of the songs played along with Neale's originals forming a tight, powerful set. Have a look at the Fragile website for further details.

mark plays rickenbacker 330 in the schlachthof, wiesbaden, germany