A 13 track album on CD-R (SHR08CD)


Blue (SHR08CD) - a 13 track CD-R from The Shining Hour


- The Reason
- Never Happy
- Won't Get Caught Again
- Mr. Wonderful
- Vulnerable
- I Won't Be Home
- Determined
- Drift Apart
- To See Her
- Walking
- So Soon
- Something
- Here With Me

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Drift Apart Drift Apart 3.6 Mb
Walking Walking 3.6 Mb

PRICE: £2.50 CD-R
The last batch of songs to be recorded on the Tascam eight track.


Blue was recorded between March 1996 and December 1997 and was released in March 1998. It was available available on CD-R in April 1999. This one took a long time to finish due to problems with lyric writing but despite this, there are quite a few gems. Apricot Records chose 'I Won't Be Home', 'Determined' and 'Something' along with an older song, 'Five O'Clock Rise' for the debut seven inch single E.P. Five O'Clock Rise. They later chose 'Never Happy', 'To See Her' and 'So Soon' for the debut CD Wait All Summer. 'Walking' appears on the Sky Blue Records CD compilation 'Popular World'.

Blue featured a collaboration on 'Mr. Wonderful' which was co-written with Mark's friend Andrew Johnson. Andy played acoustic and electric guitars on the song whilst Mark played electric guitar, bass and sang. If you listen closely to 'Walking', towards the end of the song you will hear a vocal ensemble which was created by sampling different vocal 'aahs' into an Amiga computer (pre PC days!) and forming the backing vocal chords from those notes. The production on 'I Won't Be Home' was inspired by the fabulous Marvin Gaye song 'What's Going On' and the production on 'So Soon' was partly inspired by Crowded House's exquisite 'Into Tempation'. There's a little bit of feedback on one of the verses in 'Vulnerable' whch was a mistake. It was caused by the headphones getting to close to the microphone during the vocal recording but it sounded good so it stayed in the mix! 'To See Her' has been described by one reviewer as a pastiche of the Byrds or the Who. Nice comparison but it was actually meant to be a more like cross between the Beatles' 'Every Little Thing' and a Fortunes song.