A 13 track album on CD-R (SHR07CD)


Full Circle


- Run Away
- I Wonder
- Resigned
- Unkind
- Lost Cause
- Tell Me You Love Me
- Still The Same
- A Kind Of Longing
- Discover
- Time Machine
- Self Service
- Blue Sky
- Feels Like Forever

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Self Service Self Service 1.9 Mb
A Kind Of Longing A Kind Of Longing 2.4 Mb
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Mark's overall favourite Shining Hour CD-R and the first album with two words in the title!


FULL CIRCLE was recorded between February and July 1995 and released July 1995. This album is Mark's favourite because it sounds like the most cohesive Shining Hour tape. There is a definte 'sound' to Full Circle as opposed to some of the other tapes.There was more experimenting with vocals than many of the other tapes too. 'I Wonder', 'Unkind', 'Still the Same' and 'A KInd Of Longing' were chosen for The Shining Hour debut CD album, Wait All Summer on Apricot Records. 'Feels Like Forever' appeared as the opening track on the wonderful Airpop compilation